August 15th-18th

Did you enjoy it in Klatovy last year? We did and that is why we are back at the same place again! SKY is our playground 🙂
As you know: This is a skill camp, never mind what the name event says.
48 slots available, 9 LO, 1 camera, 4 days, all levels of freefly

Registration fee – 350 € or 9000 CZK
You will receive payment info after registration.

Confirmed Load Organizers:

Václav Dědek (Mad Ravens)
Martin Dědek (Mad Ravens)
Radek Meduna (Mad Ravens)
Ivan Ifčo Farbak (Mad Ravens
Matti Miilumäki (Polte)
Felix F. Seifert (Red Bull Skydive Team

Vojta Zohan Fikar (Cawabonga)

+ more to come

Wolfi Lienbacher (Wolfgang Lienbacher)

SIFE, Mad Ravens, Tunnel Time, Skydive Pink Klatovy, Flyspot

+ more to come

Additional info:
Plane: Skyvan, 4000 m
Jump ticket – 32€
Meeting, gear check, briefing on Tuesday afternoon/evening August 14th.

Accommodation on the dropzone:
– Limited capacity in the shared rooms
– Your own tent or caravan in the camping area
– Million stars hotel

For more information visit:

There will be daily program, videos, kinder-garden (English, yoga and games for kids) and a lot more.

STAY TUNED and be ready for ROCK & ROLL!!!
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