We are team of 2 profesional coaches with over 6 years full time experience in wind tunnel flying and skydiving. From the begining we are focusing on dynamic flying, which we decided to simply call Bodyflying.

What bring us together is passion for teaching, creating comprehensive system of bodyflying education and organising extraordinary camps.


I did my first jump when I was 15. I knew since begining I want to learn how to freefly. The whole sport moved forward with the wind tunnels boom in Europe and I really enjoyed that journey. After few years of flying and skydiving almost every day, coaching, competing I decided to focus more on students rather than competition. I realized how big gap is between sport flyers and professional ones. My goal is to provide the best coaching and give sport flyers chance to learn with the same advantage of understanding I have during my professional career.

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I like to teach all kind of tunnel flyers, and enjoys to see when people are happy with their own progress, no matter if they are learning the first steps of backflying or crazy flip combos. I think that one of the funniest things when coaching is seeing first attempts of the back layout exit.

Besides flying in tunnel, I love all kinds of sports and enjoys spending time in the sky and the mountains.

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1st place

2015 White Nights

St. Petersburg, Russia

2nd place

2015 FAI World Indoor Skydiving
Prague, Czech Republic

2nd place

2017 FAI World Indoor Skydiving
Montreal, Canada


Big thanks for those companies and friends who stays behind them. They all bring a big portion of evolution into the sport.

The most advanced bodyflying suits we have ever put on. Our second skin, but better!

We trust those beautiful rigs made in Austria in every jump we do. Reliable and timeless.

The only true Bodyflying helmet on market. Clean desing and lot of development brings the best aerodynamic and safety.